Proudly for Iran:

Delishak is the founder of the first Fruit Leather cake and Fruit Leather ice cream desserts in the world, and with efforts and years of experience, he was able to present Fruit Leather in attractive and special forms for the first time in the world, which was well received by people inside and outside of Iran. Now, due to the profitable and risk-free investment, many representative requests are given daily to obtain branches of this powerful brand all over the world. The creator of this great brand is Hossein Pourhatami, who is called the ruler of Fruit Leather in domestic and foreign media.

Why Delishak??? :

Delishak strives to produce quality and healthy products for all ages and tastes in all parts of the world. Delishak products are welcomed by more consumers day by day due to their unique and varied taste and appearance. Delishak’s products will not have the same taste and appearance, and it offers new products to consumers every day, and this has attracted long-term consumer loyalty to the brand.

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Solid, logical and guaranteed reasons for investing in Delishak?

The registration of the exclusive ownership of all Delishak designs in the World Registration Organization is number 331146 and any copying of Delishak products is punishable by law, which has placed the market without competitors and in a completely exclusive manner under the dominion of Delishak. Delishak is the first founder and innovator of luxury and fancy dessert designs and the only reliable legal producer in the world.

  • The second reason :

By using the best quality fruits and raw materials, Delishak has been able to produce products that are suitable for all ages, from children to the elderly, and are suitable for all tastes due to the variety of flavors. be placed in all parts of the world.


  •  The second reason :

For the first time, the birth of Delishak’s new products in the world with their attractive and diverse appearances will attract people to the showcases of Delishak branches, and due to the extremely high quality and memorable and delicious taste, with just one try of Delishak products, dear customers will Delishak stores become loyal and also due to being exciting and seeing Delishak’s new products and being completely satisfied with the quality, customers spontaneously take photos and videos of Delishak store windows and put them on Instagram and introduce them to their friends, causing advertising. Delishak’s popularity is increasing all over the world.

  •  The fourth reason:

By obtaining a Delishak representative, you will enjoy the following other facilities:

1. Appropriate and rational investment without risk
2. An exclusive market without competitors
3. Selling new and attractive products without similar ones
4. Absence of soil eating period
5. Quick profit from opening day
6. Attracting customers through professional and principled advertising
7. Integrated and professional support team
8. Consulting in buying furniture and decor, designing, implementing and setting up zero to 100 shops
9. Consultation and training of personnel from zero to 100 jobs
10. Daily delivery of raw materials, products and equipment needed for the branch


  • Integrated advertising by the marketing team
  • Acquaintance of the community with the brand and products
  • Designing 0 to 100 branches according to standards
  • Personnel training and comprehensive supervision


  • Appropriate and rational investment
  • Far less soil erosion
  • Profiting faster than other methods
  • Integrated and professional support team

Remove obstacles

  • Raw materials are prepared and sent
  • Recruitment of personnel by Delishak
  • Provision of standard equipment at the time of start-up
  • Advice for choosing the location of the store

All Delishak designs are registered in the industrial design ownership organization and any copying is punishable by law

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